Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 4, Cheltenham England

Today was AWESOME! I was a little late to breakfast but it was still good. But got to the conference in time. Robby gave a great message and we had an awesome ministry time! The picture is below.
We had a great lunch after and we were able to just sit around and talk for a while. After lunch I hit the streets with Duncan, Anna, and some of the younger people in the church. We walked around a really busy part of the town, it was a lot like a downtown area, but way more populated. And I found a starbucks!
It tastes different here, but most things do. I had a kit-kat and it tasted different. Someone told me it has to do with the milk. I also got a fun touristy picture in a phone booth.

We had some really great ministry time on the streets. Hit up a few people. One guy with gout said his pain went down and then we were talking to a homeless man named Darren. He was a really awesome guy with a great story. We invited him to the conference and to get a hot meal while he was at the church but he didn't come. But we did teach him how to pray for his friend with a bad back, so that was cool. We went back to the church, had a bite to eat and then went back over for the last session. It was a good talk and it was a pretty good ministry time. After, you guessed it! we went to the pub and had some great fellowship time. Now I'm in the hotel and I'm so incredibly excited to sleep! Going to be sad to leave this town tomorrow because of the great friendships forming but I'll be back soon, and I'll be home even sooner. 

I love and miss you!

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